Printing Photos on T-Shirts

We are back in the business of printing on fabric for items to be included in your t-shirt or memory quilt. We stopped because we did nto

In the past we printed directly on prepared fabric, then having to size the smaller printed fabric piece to fit the t-shirt quilt block. Over the years, we have found that the images printed with an inkjet printer on fabric just do not last like the product indicates on the instructions. Since we can not control how the quilt is cared for or laundered after the quilt is delivered we feel very strongly that it is important to have the images professionally printed like your other t-shirts were printed.

Other Options

We suggest that you use a company like VistaPrint, CustomInk, Walgreens or any other company that prints photos. Recently, we started using online services to print photos on t-shirts. We think this gives you a more professional finished image that you will blend in with the rest of your t-shirts, making your quilt last a lifetime. Our logo image was printed on a t-shirt from CustomInk.

Consider using items like a photo, graduation announcement, school logos or any other highlight that you would like to feature. You can do it online, or we can take care of it for $25 for the first image. Additional images average around $10 each. This minimal cost includes our time to create the image, cost of t-shirts and shipping. You can order the shirt and have it shipped directly to our shop or we will take care of it for you. Don't forget you can print a second image on the backside of the shirt!

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