Customer Comments

dream street oakview cailiforniaHere's Patty, our director who was over the moon happy!

And I am going to be in contact to have you make me one too.

Thanks a million
Camp Dream Street - Oakview CA

Memory quiltThank you for the memories of our daughter and granddaughter in Maui together for her 11th Birthday. This is our second quilt and we love them both!! Your design exceeds all expectations.

Georgana U - Wellington NV

It is so beautiful!!  I knew it would be cute, but you really made it even better than I thought it could be.  She will love it!!  I am sending people to you!

Thank you so much!!
Johnetta B. Nashville TN

I LOVE the quilts and can't wait to give them to my girls for Christmas! Thanks again.

Kimberly H. - Houston TX

The quilts arrived yesterday, but my daughter was home for the weekend, so I just had an opportunity to take a look at them now.  They are beautiful!!  I have such mixed emotions however.  Right now, I am feeling sad as they remind me so much of my husband and how much we all miss him.  But I know, in time, they will be a comfort to us. I am not sure if I am going to be able to wait until Christmas to give them to my children, I may surprise them at Thanksgiving.  

I will certainly pass along your name and contact information to others looking to do something similar.  

Thank you for all your efforts.  The Loyola embroidery came out terrific. (I am sure I have not seen all the other  little details yet) 

Wishing you much continued success.

Lynne B - St James New York

Hello Jasmine.  My t-shirt quilt arrived yesterday and it?s beautiful!  I love it and my daughter will too.  You really do produce a top quality product.  You should be very proud of your work. Thank you so much. 

Mary Beth W - Evanston IL

I LOVE the quilt!!!   I have posted it on my Facebook page with your business name so I'm sure you will be getting some calls. Thank You!!!

Crystal G. - Spring TX

Paula C quiltJasmine, Thought you might enjoy seeing for whom you made this fabulous tee shirt quilt. In the picture, that's Adam & me.? After we looked at it and were thrilled beyond expectation, we repacked Adam's quilt, rolling it up with the 'Happy 40th Birthday' label visible on the top.? When he opened our gift, Adam smiled but his look was a bit quizzical.? As he unrolled it, he was very surprised.? He had no idea that I had saved these tee shirts from his high school days. Adam spent time looking at each tee, remembering its significance in his life.? His children enjoyed hearing stories they had never heard before (some stories even I had never heard).

Thank you for your exceptional transformation of tee shirt memories. Don't think we could have given Adam anything more special to mark his 40th Birthday.

Paula C - Lenoir, NC

Ma'm the quilt made it with no problem and my wife was absolutely blown away!? Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing work and customer service.

- LTC Tommy B. - Odenton, MD

Jasmine, The quilt is beautiful! Thank you so much!

-Suzanne I. Boca Raton, FL

Many thanks to you and your team at T-Shirt Quilts of Texas for making the quilt for my son, Jonathan.  It arrived in the mail and it looks wonderful.  Please pass along our thanks to all the hands that worked on it.  They did a great job!

Jamie G. - Lake Jackson, TX

I received my quilt today.  It was an emotional moment. It is more than what I anticipated. Its beautiful and so endearing to me,  truly well worth the wait. Thank you so much, I will highly recommend you to all I know. 

Patty G. - Fresno, TX

Quilt arrived. It is AMAZING!? Thank you thank you thank you!!

Carrie S. - Pleasant Prairie, WI

Thank you Ms Jasmine. We received the quilt and the pillow and they are absolutely beautiful.? Thanks again....

Cheryl T. - Prairie Grove AR

IT CAME TODAY! It's beautiful!!! Thank you so much Jasmine-what beautiful work!

Becky C. - Dallas, TX

I received my t- shirt quilt today. It is absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't be more pleased
with the way it turned out. Thank you for a job well done. I will definitely be sending more t-shirts in the future.   

Mary N. - Natchitoches, LA

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You put my t shirts together better than I could have. The aesthetic is beautiful with dark squares on the conners, white shirts scattered as were the light blue, so it balances well. We felt like we were reviewing part of our lives. Obviously opera, politics and the UU church as well as adventurous travel consist of what we have done in the past 20 years. The one problem we had was whether we were willing to bring friends and family into our bedroom or could we hang it in the living room at least for awhile. Len thought it too beautiful to sit on our bed. I told him the t shirts all washed well so I assumed the quilt could be washed too. Thanks again.

Mary R - San Diego, CA

I absolutely love the quilt you made from the tshirts I sent you.? It was everything I had hoped and is for my sons's 13th bday. Thank you!
Malinda P - Crowley, TX

Nicks T-Shirt QuiltHi Jasmine, Nick's quilt just arrived today! We love it, it's absolutely perfect. You did such beautiful work, just as I had expected. I'll send you a picture once we hang it in Nick's bedroom. Thank you so very much! Xoxo 

Lori P - Boynton, FL

I recieved my quilt yesterday! Oh my gosh it's so amazing. Thank you so much. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful piece of work. You are truly talented. Thanks for sharing your craft and skill. 
I'm currently saving all my sons Star Wars tshirts, as soon as I have enough he has grown out of I will be using your services again. 
Thanks again. 

LaSha - Lewisville, TX

T-Shirt QuiltReceived the blanket today. My daughter is going to love it. Will be showing lots of people your fine work. Thank you.

Bea G - Orange Grove, TX

I recieved my quilt yesterday! Oh my gosh it's so amazing. Thank you so much. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful piece of work. You are truly talented. Thanks for sharing your craft and skill. 
I'm currently saving all my sons Star Wars tshirts, as soon as I have enough he has grown out of I will be using your services again. 
Thanks again. 

L Thomas - Lewisville, TX


Got it and it looks amazing!! Couldn't be happier with it. My mom wants to have one made for my brother next year when he graduates, so I'll be sure to give her your card.

Thank you so much!

Lindsay B - San Francisco, CA

I have had more people compliment the quilting that you have done on the quilts so its fun to do them and see how they'll turn out.

Lisa M - Houston TX

Jasmine !!!! 

The quilt arrived ! 
It's absolutely beautiful  ! Thank you so much . It's everything I hoped it would be for them !

Hope to do another with you soon !
Karen P - Corpus Christi TX

Thank you for taking such good care of me and the quilts. It makes it so much easier knowing I can bring you a bucket full and it's ok. And I've got a bucket full tomorrow to drop off.

Lisa M - Houston TX

Jasmine -I got the quilts, so excited to open then and then saw the beautiful job you did!  These will be gifts from my Aunt that past away.  Now I have to turnaround and give them away to relatives!  I have more to send...  

Just wonderful completion of her hobbie, great heirlooms!   So So Happy:)

Connie S, NY

Hi Jasmine,

The quilt was such a big hit last year that I was wanting to do another quilt this year for Xmas, if it is not too late. This year it will be a 5x5 grid of shirts (last year was 6x6). I also want to do another of the body pillow covers. (3 shirts)

Stacy S. - Sammamish WA

... My daughter absolutely loved the first quilt! Thanks again!

Shelene H. - Willis TX

I received the quilt yesterday and? it is great. The colors you picked are perfect and the layout looks wonderful. I was a little apprehensive about the marbled fabric, but it looks like the ocean and that is my son's passion - couldn't be any better. I can't wait to give it to him for his birthday next month.

Maureen G. - San Diego, CA

I've been meaning to tell you how much I love the quilt!? Thank you so much; it's even prettier than I had wished for. I'll be bringing it with me to Black Mountain next week and showing it off at the 40th White House party. (I'll have your cards with me, so I hope to send you some business.)

Kathleen T. L. -Winter Springs FL

Thank you so much Jasmine :)

Renus K. Houston, TX

I received the quilt yesterday and it is great. The colors you picked are perfect and the layout looks wonderful. I was a little apprehensive about the marbled fabric, but it looks like the ocean and that is my son's passion
- couldn't be any better. I can't wait to give it to him for his birthday next month.
Maureen G. - San Diego CA

I've been meaning to tell you how much I love the quilt! Thank you so much; it's even prettier than I had wished for. I'll be bringing it with me to Black Mountain next week and showing it off at the 40th White House party. (I'll have your cards with me, so I hope to send you some business.)

Kathleen L. - Winter Springs FL

Vicky sent me a photo of quilt until I can get it and I so love it. Can't wait to enjoy the memories. Thanks for your talent. Glad we found you on internet. Vicki R - Fredricksburg, TX

The quilt is fantastic! Thanks much.
Jeff J. - Conroe TX

Rory R. - North Las Vegas NV

The quilt came!? It looks fantastic. Thank you so much!!! Donna P - Francesville IN

I just opened the box and pulled out my daughter's t-shirt quilt and it is wonderful!!!  You did an amazing job on it and I thank you so very much.  I can't wait to show it to her tonight!
Thanks again,
Lisa A - Dallas TX

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I was with my quilt!  It looked amazing, you did a fabulous brother (to whom the quilt was for) loved it. Thank you so very much.

Kelly L- Lancaster CA

Hello Jasmine, I received the quilt yesterday.  It is beautiful! You all did a wonderful job!
Rachael G - Houston TX

I received my quilt is happy with it...Thanks so much!
Kathy L. - Waterbury Center, VT

The quilt is beautiful, and Kerrianne really loved it. I was so excited to see how her family reacted, and I can't think you enough for handling this. I will be in touch later to have my husband's done, and feel so comfortable that you will take care of everything. . Hugs to you from Virginia.
Annie B - Fairfax VA

I wanted to let you know that my daughter Valerie cried when she opened her quilt on Christmas morning. She thought it was beautiful! Thank you so much!? I have another daughter that I wanted you to make a quilt for, they live out of town her husband is in the military at Ft. Polk, LA. She will be coming to visit sometime in February, I was wondering if I could bring her (16) shirts this week so you could start working on her quilt. Most of the shirts are her college shirts from Texas A&M.
Barbara L. - Spring TX


I can't thank you enough for the beautiful work you did on my sons memory quilt. It is so gorgeous and so much more than I could ever have imagined. We brought it up to Canada this weekend and he was really thrilled and touched by all his t shirt memories. He said all the other guys think it's the coolest gift and they really like it.  Before we left for Canada I brought it to school to show some of my friends (I am a teacher). My friends could not believe how great the quilt was and the quality of your work.

Thanks so much. You helped me give my son nick a very special gift that he will treasure. I am giving out your website to the many friends who have asked for it  thanks again!
Judy F - Freehold NJ

Good Morning,

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I was with my quilt!  It looked amazing, you did a fabulous brother (to whom the quilt was for) loved it. Thank you so very much.
Kelly L. - Lancaster CA

Hi Jasmine, We left town for the Holidays and just returned today and found the quilt waiting. It is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I had hoped for! Thanks again for creating a beautiful quilt that my daughter will have for many years.

Happy New Year,
Pam W. - Austin TX

Jasmine, We received our blanket? Saturday before Christmas and was so pleased!? The blanket is beautiful and the timing of its arrival was perfect!? Thank you so much for all your hard work to finish our blanket in time for Christmas and for the truly beautiful quilt!? Our daughter loved it and is so excited to take it back to school with her!

Hope you were/are able to enjoy a few days of relaxation this Christmas! I know you worked hard for our family!

Thanks again!
Shauna P. - Highlands Ranch CO

Hi, Jasmine! We received the quilt a few days before Christmas and it was such a big hit for my husband! It is beautiful and so big and comfy!!! The first thing he did after he looked at it was curl up and take a big nap. Thank you so much! It is exceptional quality and the colors are perfect!
Thank you, again!!!
Merry Christmas!
Erika H - Honolulu, HI

It's fantastic!!!  Thank you!
 Have a great day!

Suzy R - Pasadena CA

Thank you so much, Jasmine. My husband opened up his gift today and loves it. It is gorgeous. He is already thinking about the next quilt.
H appy Christmas!

Alysson S - Hanover NH

Hello Jasmine,

I received the quilt yesterday.  It is beautiful! You all did a wonderful job! Merry Christmas!!!

Thank you,
Rachael G. - Houston TX

Hi Jasmine,
Again, LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilt.
I meant to ask you about washing instructions. Is it easy to wash or should we spot clean if needed?
Have a Merry Christmas!
Donna H. - Montgomery TX

Jasmine, I just wanted to let you know that the blanket you made is wonderful.  It far exceeded my expectations, and surpassed anything I could have hoped for.   My wife's first comment was the quality of the workmanship and how well the blanket came together. 

She told me that just looking at the it reminded her of all the places we had been, and the memories of our time across the globe.    For that I couldn't be happier.  From a bunch of T's packed in a box under the bed, to something that reminds us of the fun we have had together makes it worth every penny.

I intend to bring it into work and show it off, so I hope that turns into some future business?

Many thanks

Brian E. - Belmont MA

Thanks so much!!  Everything looks beautiful :)

Angela L. - Spring, TX

Jasmine, I meant to email you a LONG time ago, but completely forgot. The Tulsa quilt looks amazing!!! I am so happy with it. Everything is perfect! Thank you so much for your wonderful work, my quilts are some of my favorite things now! ?
Lauren W. - Houston, TX

Got my quilt yesterday -- thanks a ton! It is great and the quality is beautiful. Thanks so much!

Amy D - Euless, TX

We received my daughters quilt today and gave it to her tonight for 5th grade graduation.  It is absolutely beautiful and I am thrilled!!!  I have two more daughters to follow in the next few years and I will definitely be doing the same for them:)

Thanks so much,
Adriana F. - San Antonio, TX

The quilt was perfect!  Thank you:-)  Many who saw it took a business card.
Lisa B. - Cibolo TX

Got my quilt. It is absolutely all I hoped it would be. The music print backing fabric is the perfect choice. The quality of workmanship is excellent. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you so much!

Peggy S - Oxford MS

Mom was so happy with the way they [the two quilts] turned out. Thank you!!

Jaime W. - Cypress TX

Just wanted to let you know we got Katrena's softball quilt Friday. It is beautiful!  I have been recommending you to all of her teammates and our friends.  The stitching is superior.  You did a wonderful job!  Thank you!

Joy J. - La Porte TX

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!
Awesome work!

Caroline H. - Arlinton, VA

OMG!!! I just opened the box, and the quilts are WONDERFUL! I was so afraid about sending my kids' shirts through the mail. You were wonderful on the phone, and held my hand - long distance- all the way. I am so pleased and can hardly wait until Avery and Matthew open their gifts. I know they will forgive me for those 'little white lies' about what happened to their shirts. I'll be sending Jacksons shirts when he graduates.

Debbie G. - Atlanta GA

Hi Jasmine,
Just wanted to say Thank You very much for making my nieces T-Shirt quilt!!! I just finished pillows to match, with Diana's help!!! Got it all in the mail for her birthday!!! We watched her open via Skype it was so much fun, she loves the quilt!!! In the first picture you can see me in the top right hand corner finishing up the pillows!!!
Thanks again, and I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving,
P.S. I put you on my face book.

SuZanne G. -Cypress TX

Jasmine, I saw the quilt you made for my friend, Suzanne G.. It is a lovely quilt. You did a great job. She really likes it too.
Barbara B - Cypress TX

Very nice!??? exceeded my expectations. was fun to unfold and see the?

Brenda H - Austin TX

I got it! Yay!

 Love it! Great colors?great layout of shirts?great craftsmanship!  Many, many thanks. It will be an awesome Christimas present for my daughter.


Christine P - Austin TX

ZTA T-Shirt Quilt

Love it!

Thank you!

Susan N. - Cypress TX

The quilts are here. Great job. I love them.
Thanks so much.

Stephanie O. - Corpus Christi, TX

HI Jasmine,

I received the quilt today and it more beautiful than we imagined. It is for our 15year old son who is handicapped so when my husband and I? held it up to look at it we were both speechless and smiled at one another knowing how much Preston will love his quilt when he opens it on Christmas. Thank you so much. We will be passing out your cards.

Have a great Holiday. Kathy

Kathy B. - Chandler AZ


I just received the quilt.  It turned out really nice.  I know Lori is going to love it. Thanks!

Lynne M. - Houston TX

Hi Jasmine,

I received the quilt yesterday and I LOVE it!!!? What a treasure!? Thanks so much!

Kristy M - Athens, GA

Ms. Ellicott, I got my Quilt in the mail today and I just love it.  I wanted to ask you if you can make quilts with pictures and how big does the pictures have to be?  My daughter has two Chihuahua's and would love to have a quilt with their pictures and some of their little clothes on it.  Would it cost the same as a t-shirt quilt?

Anna R. Houston, TX

Thank you so very much Jasmine ? it is a wonderful Quilt.  I truly appreciate your talent

Tricia G - Houston TX

Just got the package!
Wow, the quilt is amazing.
Much better then I anticipated!
The sewing is perfect!
Thank you very much and I will pass your cards along.
I may already have a order for you!
Thanks again,
Greg  L - ST Paul, MN


I received Matt's T-shirt quilt in the mail yesterday. I am so very pleased, it is beautiful! You did an outstanding job. I can't wait to give it to him on Christmas. What a wonderful keepsake.  Thanks again!

Sherry H. -Nada Texas

Hey Jasmine,

I LOVE the quilt!!! It is more beautiful than I could have imagined. Your pictures don't do justice to the quality that you produce. Your skill and attention to detail is quite evident throughout. The way you joined the front and backs of the shirts, I just can't believe how nice they look. Thank you again.

Janice R. - Austin, TX

Hi Jasmine!

My quilt arrived today and it's just beautiful! Thanks again, so much!!!

Best regards,
Susan D. -- Norway

Jasmine, Just sent the T-Shirts in a separate box. Last year you made me a quilt that I LOVE, so I thought I would do my sorority T's next. Please call upon receipt to discuss the details.

Lauren W. -- Houston, TX

Hi, I received the quilt today, and as before, it is just beautiful. 
Thank you:-)

Lisa B - Cibilo, TX

I can't believe it! The quilts you made for the boys are awesome!. I hope you don't mind, I gave your card to some friends. You should be hearing from them in the next week.

Janice R. - Brenham, TX

Jasmine, the quilts came yesterday and they are wonderful! I love them both. Thank you so much and I'll be passing along your information to several who have inquired about getting one made so you may get more business in the near future. We'll be sure to contact you when we need another one! Best, Ana

Ana D. - Austin, TX

Hi Jasmine,

We are really enjoying the quilts. You do such nice work; I just HAD to do some more. :-)? This time, there will be six.

~Mandy - Houston, TX

I sent by Priority Mail on Monday, my tshirts and instructions.  ....  I will also include a picture of a quilt you did for me last year, so we can go with the same color scheme.  I can't wait to see this final quilt.  The one you did last year was amazing:-)
Lisa B - Cibilo, TX

Jasmine, we got the quilt on Saturday. I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. It's gorgeous! Tristan loves it. I'll send pictures ASAP. Thanks so much, 

Julie F - Choctaw OK

Jasmine, my younger daughter loved it and I'm sure Ashley will too - thanks again! :) Kim

Jasmine, We received the quilt on Saturday and we love it.  You exceeded our expectations.  The quality of your work is superb!  We know that our daughter will cherish this memento of her college years for a long time. 

Rick & Sheryl R. - Round Rock, TX

I got the quilt today!! I LOVE it! It is very hard for me to not show it to him this morning! =)? I can't wait to show it off. Thanks again for squeezing it in between grand babies!?

Tiffany M. - Seabeck WA

Jasmine,  I received the quilt on Monday!  It is absolutely perfect and beautiful!  I really exceeded my expectations!  Thank you so much!  I will recommend you to anyone interested in a T-Shirt Quilt!

Thanks again, 
Linda H. - Norman, OK

thank you Jasmine..i received the quilt today and it is wonderful.  it is a present for me and my partner for our 18 mo anniversary and to commemorate our upcoming move from california to oregon.  it turned out really great and was a big hit.  i thank you for following through even with the sadness you are experiencing. i really appreciate it and will enjoy the quilt for many years.  thanks again and i will pass out your cards and keep you in mind for future projects.

elaine  r. - Eureka CA

A few years ago my girlfriend got me a t-shirt quilt that you made for Christmas and now I want to surprise her with one of her own. At the moment, we are living in Dallas, but we will be back in Houston for the holidays. My question is if I send you the t-shirts for the quilt, will I be able to pick it up from your house and save on the shipping?

Thank you for your time and consideration. I love the quilt you made me and I use it every day. Thanks!

Minh H. Dallas, TX

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,Jasmine!!!
I surely will let you know when I receive it.  I know I will love it and I know I will send business your way.  Also, my youngest child will graduate in 4 years.

Kathy C. - Houston, TX

Dear Jasmine,
          I just received our quilt yesterday and all I can say is "WOW!" We were so impressed with how it turned out. I can't wait to see the look on the young mans face when he receives it as his graduation gift. He loves his Notre Dame T-shirts so much; that's all he wears. Now we can truly appreciate them for many years to come and even save them as an heirloom. Thank you for such wonderful ideas and beautiful work.

 Yolanda A. - San Antonio, TX

Hi Jasmine:

I received the quilt today and it looks just great as you said! 

Thanks again for the excellent work!

Bill M. - Green Bay, WI

Hey Jasmine, just wanted to let you know that my parents LOVED their quilt.

Thank you so much.

Kelly M. - Houston, TX

Jasmine,   Just wanted to tell you the quilt was great!  Thank you.

We all cried when Trish opened it at Christmas!  That was a first for us because it was so special! 

Thanks again,
Jason - San Diego, CA

The ordering process was easy, mailing the shirts was easy and Christmas shopping was easy. The boys loved their quilts, and they haven't stopped talking about them!

Pat C. - Shreveport, LA


Just received the 2 quilts you made for Janice and Mark. The colors you selected were perfect! I know they are going to love having these high school keepsakes. Now, I just need to get them through college! Ha!

Mary P - Burlington VT

Wow! What great service and a wonderful quilt. The blanket turned out even better than I had hoped. Thank-you for turning our memories into something wonderful for us to treasure. Thanks again.

Ann P - Brenham TX

Hello Jasmine!

..... I have to tell you though that [the girls] loved the quilts! Haley said it was her best gift! Devon said she had always hoped to have one made at some point in her life! It was the last thing they opened on Christmas Day! Thanks for making me look good! I hope the new year brings you a lot of business because you do such a wonderful job with your special quilts! Happy New Year!

Regards, Roxanne M - NYC, NY

077.JPGHi Jasmine,

My daughter loved her quilt!!   The workmanship is outstanding.  I have included a picture for you of her opening it at Christmas.

Thank you,
Ann B - Sturtevant, WI

OMG! I received my quilt the other day and it is AMAZING! I absolutely love it! It is perfect! Thank you so much! I will definitely send business your way!

Tisha G - League City, TX

LOVE the quilts.

I'll be back for more.

Elizabeth F - Houston, TX

Just wanted to let you know I got the quilt today! You did a awesome job!
Thank you so much! My husband can't run anymore so this will mean a lot to him.:)

Thank You,

Leslie M - Liberty Hill, TX

Jasmine, I got the quilt. I love it. Now I want one of my own someday soon. Thank you so much. Ill let you know what my sister says when she sees it - but I know its a going to be a hit!

Veronica C. - Greenwell Springs, LA


Just got the quilt today - it looks great!  I can't wait to give it as a gift and will definintely be in touch in the future with any other quilting projects. 

Many thanks again,

Robert A. - Burlington, VT

Omigosh Jasmine! I just this minute opened the box you sent me and I am speechless (partly because my daughter is still sleeping), but I had to wait until she wasn't awake and I could look at the quilts without getting dog hair on them. What a beautiful keepsake you have created for each of my girls! Now they can't fight over one getting something and the other one not! I absolutely love them....the design, fabrics you chose and your craftsmanship! It's going to be hard to keep them under my hat, but it will be worth it. They don't like to be groomed first thing in the morning when they open I'll try and get pics of their reactions to send you. I can't thank you enough! I'm going to have a smile on my face all day today, and then some! Have a great day and thanks for getting the hectic shopping season started in the right direction for me!


Regards, Roxanne M - NYC, NY

Jasmine & Group,
I just want to thank you for exceeding my expectations which were sky high. I can't wait to give them to the boys at Thanksgiving!? I will let you know their reactions...

Thanks Again,
Susan T - Houston, TX

Received the quilt last week and I LOVE IT!! 

Thank you so much!!

Cheryl P - Southlake, TX

Thank you so much for the quilts they are beautiful.  I will take a picture of my daughter when she opens them up and send one to you. 
I am glad you are feeling better. 
Take care,
Carol H - The Woodlands, TX

Hi Jasmine,

yes it arrived on Friday and I just opened it.  It's just beautiful!  Thank you so much for all your work. I know my son will love it.

Terry G - Schertz, TX

Hi Jasmine,
I went online to Paypal today and sent the money for the quilt. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love it. My daughter cried when I gave it to her. I've told so many people about the great job you did!? I will be using you again one day. Thanks again for working with my timeframe and coming through for me.

Blessings to you and your business.

Kim H. - Friendswood TX

I got the quilt and it looks great!  You did an excellent job with the layout and the color palette.  Its better than anything I imagined.  My wife is going to love it.

-John R - San Diego, CA

Just wanted to let you know my daughter was home this week and we got our first look at the quilt (I waited for her to open the box). She was thrilled with the results and loves her new quilt. Thanks so much.

June B- Austin, TX

Jasmine, I got the quilt and it looks great! You did an excellent job with the layout and the color palette. Its better than anything I imagined.

-Jeff W - Houston, TX

Hi Jasmine,
.... I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love it [the quilt]. My daughter cried when I gave it to her. I've told so many people about the great job you did! I will be using you again one day. Thanks again for working with my timeframe and coming through for me.

Blessings to you and your business.

Kim - Friendswood, TX

Received the quilt last week and I LOVE IT!!  Thank you so much!!

Cheryl - Southlake, TX

Jasmine, I can't tell you how happy I was to find you in the neighborhood. I know you had lots of quilts to get done for graduation and was so very pleased with the quilt that you made for us. Michelle loved it and has been showing it to her friends. I'm sure they will be calling you soon.

Ann W. - Cypress, TX

Oh Jasmine - the quilt is awesome! Jim had been looking for his shirts, and as you know, I was a little worried that he was going to be upset. Have to tell you that he is thrilled with it and has shown it to everyone who has walked in the door! Janice graduates next year, and I'll get her shirts to you in plenty of time for her graduation.

Thank you.
Susan P. - San Antonio, TX

Thank you so much for getting the quilt done for our anniversary. Jack was so surprized when he finally recognized his t-shirts in the quilt. The look on his face! At first, he ran to the bedroom looking for his shirts. As I had mentioned while in your studio, he hadn't even missed them! LOL- He loves the quilt, and assures me that he will get over having his favorite t-shirts sacrificed for the quilt. Our daughter Amber, graduates in June, and I will get her shirts to you ASAP!

Thanks again!
Linda R. Missouri City, TX

This is a keepsake I will always treasure. I really appreciate how you kept me informed throughout the process of making my T-shirt quilt.
Ann W. - Fort Worth, TX

Since I got home, I've just been looking at Jim's quilt and I can't stop weeping. The memory quilt that you made with his shirts remind me of the good memories and the love we shared. THANK YOU so much for the care and attention that you put in my quilt. God Bless....

Janice B - Pasadena, TX

Hi Jasmine! I just wanted to let you know that I love my quilt! It is just beautiful! You did such an amazing job. I couldn't have imagined it turning out any better. As soon as my dad picked it up, he called and told me how wonderful it looked and then teased me that I wasn't going to get it for Christmas. I was surprised by how happy and emotional I was when I opened it. It is such a wonderful way to "preserve" all those memories from my otherwise not wearable t's. Thanks so much!

Chas B., Houston, TX

Just got back from the mailbox and tore open the box! The t-shirt quilt is awesome! My daughter is going to LOVE it and I'm not sure I can wait until her birthday to give it to her! The Georgia Tech fabric around the outside totally makes the quilt and it will be a memento she will treasure for a long time. Thanks so much!

Janice R., Atlanta, GA

Oh, I have to tell you this about the quilt you quilted for me. I gave it to my MIL and she just loved it. She goes to the library there in Choctaw [Oklahoma] several times a week and has read every book they have on Oklahoma history. She took the quilt to show the librarian and they wanted to keep there on display! It's been there since right after Christmas. Everyone who comes in makes a comment about it ? we are famous! And your name is also on the label. Just thought you would get a kick out of it.
Sue W., Owasso, OK

Hi Jasmine,

Thanks again for the awsome quilting you did on my Santa Quilt. When I showed it to my family last night, they couldn't get over how beautiful it was. I think I might even enter this in our next quilt guild show.

Happy Quilting,
Susan M., Houston, TX

Jasmine, he loved it and so did I. thanks so much.

I've sent you a couple referrals!
Ginger S., Richmond, TX


Just wanted to let you know that Shannon went nuts over her quilt. All the other grandkids were quick to let me know that they expect one, too! With 9 of them I'll probably barely be able to sit at the machine by the time I get to the smallest kid!
Thanks again,
Sue R., Katy, Texas

Attached is a picture of Eva's (my 2yr. olds) room, which was recently completed. I must have had this in mind when I told you the colors for the quilt! The quilt is truly lovely and I can't wait to use it!
--MARNA A. Houston, TX
Subject: Thanks for the assist!

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful quilting job you did on my Margarita-Ville quilt. Imagine my surprise entering this quilt in my first quilt show and a winning ribbon! Your quilting was a big part of that win. You took the time to make sure the quilting enhanced the quilt and the multicolored thread you chose was prefect.
Again thanks for the assist in getting my first quilting ribbon!

Linda G. - Houston, TX

Subject: WOW!

Dear Jasmine,
Thanks you, thank you, thank you. The quilt is gorgeous!!!!!!!!
Take lots of pictures at the quilt show. I want to see all your quilts that won prizes.
Thaaaaaaaaank you again,

Nancy V. Houston, TX

Subject: THANK YOU!

Jasmine, I'm so excited!!
Thank you again for the beautiful job that you did on my daughter's quilt. I sure hope I win some of your gift certificates at Quilto this month!!!

Karen C. - Houston, TX

I hope you are doing well. My mother was so happy
with her quilt. Now, she is getting ready to make a
crib bedding set for the new grandbaby - little girl
coming in July. . . . I told my mom she will
have to add the baby to the quilt somehow.

Take care and enjoy this gorgeous weather.

Jennifer A. - Houston, TX

Mrs Baker, you and Lindsey are the best! I can't believe you turned all those ZTA (Zeta Tau Alpha) t-shirts into such a beautiful quilt. You even found the pink & white polka dots fabric for the back. I absolutely love it. We will treasure it forever.

Melissa M., Houston, Texas

Wow, just got back from the p.o. and the quilt is wonderful!! I would never have gotten those blocks put together - let alone getting it quilted before the grandbaby came .........I very much appreciate all you do...

Debi A., Bristow, Oklahoma