T-Shirt Quilts With A Theme

July 31, 2017

Themed T-Shirt Quilts

aggie-1000.jpgThemed T-Shirt quilts are just that!  A collection of tees from your college, favorite vacation spots, favorite bands, Harley-Davidson  or  even a favorite animal!   If you can bear to part with your "Beavis and Butthead" or "Batman" tshirts, then we will be glad to make a one of a kind quilt for you.

We have found that  college themed collections are probably what we see most often.  Being based in Texas, we have seen our  fair share of Texas A&M,  University of Texas (UT) and Louisiana State University (LSU) tshirts.  (Although, I have to say that the Aggies waaaayyy outnumber the Longhorns!   Just sayin')


Most everyone has been picking up vacation/travel tshirts, concerts, high school events or where ever your interest takes you.   You probably already have lots of tees, and don't need to look for more, but maybe need to pare down the shirts.   If you need more shirts to make a larger quilt, there are several methods to obtaining more:

* If purchasing a used tshirt, be sure to check for holes, stains and wear.  Stains around the waistline or a hole on the back does not effect the image on the front!! 

Examples of Themed Quilts

This Beatles themed quilt was a great collection of tshirts from a Houston gal that had been collecting since high school.   Some of the blocks were even hand painted!     What a great quilt!  

Themed Quilts

TShirt Quilt made from Beatles tees Yankees theme T-Shirt Quilt Beavis and Butthead tees made into a t-shirt quilt

 Whatever your collection of tee shirts consist of, it is YOUR theme!    Have a quilt made and preserve those memories.  Remember, a t-shirt quilt is the scrapbook you can sleep under.

At T-Shirt Quilts of Texas, we are happy to go through your selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts or whatever, to help you have the most successful t-shirt quilt.   Get started now!