Quilt Finishing Services With Professional Longarm Quilting

September 11, 2018 

Professional Longarm Quilting Services

We offer quilt finishing services. We take your quilt top or quilt blocks and do everything needed to turn that quilt-top into a finished quilt.
There are a lot of grandmothers and aunts who were quilters and did not have time to finish all of their quilt projects. Maybe you found a cool quilt-top at a flea market, estate sale or on eBay. Whether you have a quilt top, quilt blocks or a pile of fabric, we can take what you have and turn it into a finished quilt that you will treasure for a lifetime.

If you do not provide the backing fabric, we try to find a reproduction print or other quilting fabric that is appropriate for the quilt top/blocks.
Quilt finishing service is one price for quilting, batting, backing and binding based on the size. Generally what I do is price out each service individually and round it down.

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