Difference Between a Border and Binding in a T-Shirt Quilt

October 16, 2017

Borders or Binding?

borders.jpgMany times when someone is sending their tshirts in and ordering a quilt, they will ask 'what fabric do you use for that outside border?"  

OK,  the confusion comes because the customer does not understand the difference between the 'binding' and a 'border'.  In this photo, we are also showing 'sashing' and 'backing' which are also parts of any real quilt.   






Binding is the final step in the quilt-making process that encloses all of the raw edges of the three quilt layers (top, batting & backing) to make a beautiful finished quilt.
The binding is usually the same fabric as either the front border or the backing material.  It can be something totally different if you want to go for a color 'pop'.  


Borders are the strips of fabric that go around the outside of the quilt blocks.  There can be any number of borders.  T-Shirt Quilts of Texas is unique in that they offer TWO borders at no additional charge on their standard quilts.  
We offer these options

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