Cheap T-Shirt Quilt Makers on the Internet

July 24, 2017

Wow! - T-Shirt Blankets for $74.99 

What a bargain!  But, before you spend your $74.99 for 16 of your favorite t-shirts made into a blanket, read about difference between a quilt and blanket. Think about this.  How important are these t-shirts to you?  Are you willing to throw those tee shirts away, and get a crappy blanket to preserve your memories?

Last week we had a customer come to the shop with a pile of t-shirts to make a T-Shirt quilt  AND a blanket from Project Repat.   She had written on the order form:

 "I had this done for my son and am very unhappy.  NO Quilting - so can't wash, no borders, ugh" 

She went on to lament  how that company had chopped a good portion of the images off of the shirts to make a 12" square.  She also mentioned that the "girly" green fleece on the back was not what she had ordered for her grown son.




Attributes Of A Cheap Blanket?

 Have you ever heard of "you get what you pay for?"   Well, that is true with t-shirt quilts or most anything where quality counts.    First of all, let's figure out whether you want a QUILT or a BLANKET. A blanket is only two layers.  The top (your t-shirts) and the backing; usually fleece or a sheet. A quilt consists of three layers.  A top, batting and the backing.  More about the  Difference between a Quilt and Blanket.

We are in the business of making quality quilts that  are made to be used, loved and laundered for a lifetime.  Check out our pricing page for different styles, prices and sizes of quilts that we offer.  We promise you won't be disappointed, (or have to take your blanket to someone to fix!)