10 Ways to Cut a Fat Quarter

October 29, 2015

 10 Ways to Cut A Fat Quarter

Quilting Fabric Made Easy

How many of us have a huge pile of fat quarters that you don't know what to do with? You can cut these fat quarters into the popular pre-cuts that fabric shops are offering to make quilts and use them that way. Popular sizes are layer cakes (10" squares), charm packs (5" squares), and jelly rolls (2 5" x 44" strips). 

Precut fabrics are the biggest trend these days in the quilting world. If you already have fat quarters or yardage - make your own!
As most of you know, fat quarters are a quarter of a yard. But, instead of cutting 9" the width of the fabric (WOF*), it is 18" cut WOF, then that is cut in half. In other words, this is a half yard cut in half lengthwise and then crosswise. The fat quarter should be approximately 18" x 22".

If you are lucky and get a fat quarter from someone who thinks in 'meters' instead of 'yards' you will get a few extra inches in your fat quarter.  Whoo hoo...

*WOF - Width of Fabric   More Quilt Definitions

Here are the Numbers:

You can cut the following from one fat quarter:

  1. (99) 2" squares
  2. (50) 2" squares
  3. (42) 3" squares
  4. (30) 3" squares
  5. (20) 4" squares
  6. (16) 4" squares
  7. (12) 5" squares
  8. (12) 5" squares
  9. ( 9) 6" squares
  10. ( 6) 6" squares And a Bonus- Number 11
  11. ( 2) 10" squares (not very efficient)

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