10 Places to Look For More T-Shirts For A Quilt

December 10, 2018

We have been making t-shirt quilts since 2006.  Most folks have plenty of t-shirts to make their quilt, the problem is limiting them to a certain amount. Sometimes, you might not have enough shirts to go with the theme you have in mind.

Don't Have Enough TShirts?

A couple of reasons you might not have enough tees for your project/

    1.  Poshmark   A website where individuals sell clothing, such as t-shirts that are new are barely used.
    2. Garage Sales or yard sales can yield many shirts for your project.  Of course, if you live in Texas, you probably aren't going to find a bunch of shirts for 100-shirtsOhio.  But, you should find sales for shirts in the area like Texas A&M, UT Texas or LSU.
    3. EBay - You have a good chance to find the shirts you are looking for at eBay.  Searching at eBay for t-shirts resulted in over 47 MILLION results.  T-shirts A&M  narrowed it down to 5,497 results!!  All price ranges. 
    4. Wal-Mart and local Grocery stores- Around here in Texas, HEB grocery stores carry the local high school and college t-shirts.  Our local Wal-mart stores carry The Texans, Astros, Rockets, and all of the local colleges like Texas A&M UT Texas, Texas Tech and so on.   Our most popular Texas t-shirt sample quilt features t-shirts mostly purchased at the Galveston Wal-mart for $3.99 to $9.99.  Kohl's usually carries Texas and/or USA t-shirts around the 4th of July.
    5. Discount stores such as Goodwill or other Thrift stores.  Our Goodwill stores have special discounts different days of the week.  Check out your local stores and find out when the specials occur.  Make sure you are purchasing a quality shirt and not a home-made iron shirt.  
    6. Family Members - If you are having a quilt made for a family member, you might check with family for shirts they may have used  for homecoming or Alumni events. 
    7. Online T-shirt shops - Many online shops creating t-shirts for the local area. Companies like Inkpress will let you upload your image and create the shirt of your choice.
    8. Vista Print - We use this company for printing t-shirts for our memory quilts. Add your own text or sentiments. Have a family reunion?  Great way to print a small number of personalized shirts for the whole crew.
    9. Lost and Found -  If your local school has a lost and found, you could check here for localized t-shirts.  
    10. Kids Drawers/Laundry -  OK, I've had many parents confess that they remove one or two t-shirts each time they do laundry and stash it in the 'quilt' pile.  My sister-in-law confessed that she accumulated t-shirts over the course of a year to gather the shirts for my nephews graduation quilt.

It takes as few as 12 blocks to create a 'generous throw', our most popular quilt size.  Create an heirloom that will last a lifetime with a quilt made from T-shirt Quilts of Texas.

Note: a BLOCK is one square. You might want to use the front side of a tshirt for one block and the backside for a 2nd block.